Yamaha is bringing back stand-up jet skis from the ’80s with its 2021 SuperJet

Yamaha is bringing back the stand-up jet ski with its 2021 SuperJet[1].

The company debuted its first stand-up WaveRunner 650 SuperJet in the ’80s. Since its launch, it has been a favorite of professional surfers, freestylers and closed course racers.

The 2021 SuperJet[2] aims to please professional and recreational riders alike.

“This includes aging tricksters who will find the athleticism and excitement of riding the new SuperJet to be a similar challenge as wakesurfing, which sees continued interest and growth among this audience,” Yamaha said in a press release[3].

At 375 pounds[4], the white jet ski is one of the lightest models on the market. Its handle is height adjustable making it all the more accessible to people of different sizes. In fact, it’s entire hull was redesigned to be longer and wider, for experienced riders who want a broader range of maneuvers and beginners who require something more user-friendly. Perhaps, it’s why the 2021 SuperJet also includes an L-Mode that limits the acceleration and top speed to 40 miles per hour as a safety measure.

The SuperJet is powered by a 1,049cc four-stroke TR-1 marine engine, which is more compact[5] and fuel-efficient than its predecessor the MR-1.

“This is proving to be a very special year for Yamaha WaterCraft and we think our customers will find these new products to exceed their expectations of what they can do on the water,” Bryan Seti, general manager of Yamaha’s WaterCraft Group, said in a press release[6].

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