Should Investors Consider These Airline Stocks To Buy Now? 3 Names To Watch

First up on the list is, American Airlines Group Inc. (AAL Stock Report[10]). American Airlines is one of the largest airline companies in the world. The airline has more than 200 million passengers every year, and more than 500,000 passengers daily. Obviously, the COVID-19 pandemic has hugely impacted these numbers, but as we’re on the brink of distributing a vaccine, we’ve seen AAL stock move higher. Month-to-date AAL stock has recovered 11.97% closing Friday’s trading session at $12.53 a share.

In October the company reported its third-quarter earnings. The losses were more narrow than analysts and investors estimated. The company reported revenues of $3.2 billion, a 73% drop year-over-year. This still beats loss expectations from Wall Street. American Airlines also reported a 59% decrease in total available seat miles, and a net loss for the third quarter of $2.4 billion.

Doug Parker, CEO of American Airlines mentioned, “We have a long road ahead and our team remains fully engaged and focused not just on managing through the pandemic, but on making sure we are prepared for when demand returns.”

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