flyExclusive Offers Tax-free Private Jet Memberships Through the End Of 2020

KINSTON, N.C.–([1])–flyExclusive, a leading provider of premium private jet charter travel, announced that it is offering memberships in its Jet Club through the end of 2020 that allow for tax-free travel now and into the future. As part of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act, the federal government waived the 7.5% Federal Excise Tax (FET) for amounts paid for flights through December 31. Because of this, individuals and businesses who purchase a Jet Club membership by the end of the year will save the FET now and into the future on any Jet Club memberships purchased in 2020.

“Jet Club is uniquely structured with two programs, including one offering funds that never expire,” said Brad Blettner, senior vice president of flyExclusive. “FET will not be charged on flights paid for with Jet Club funds purchased on or before December 31, so new members can purchase a membership in either program with tax-free deposits until the end of the year. The Fly Club membership allows members up to 24 months to use their funds. Those buying into the Exclusive Club membership can save on private jet travel for years to come by maintaining an active membership and using the tax-free funds in 2021, 2022 or as long as their account remains current. Our Jet Club offers the industry’s most aggressive hourly rates, so members ultimately get more flying time.”

The Jet Club membership allows members access, consistency and an experience designed to meet their needs. Once they purchase a Jet Club, members receive guaranteed availability on a floating fleet of over 60 light, midsize and super-midsize Citation jets, with a world-class flight experience and unmatched safety, convenience and reliability.

Those interested in learning more about Jet Club and taking advantage of 2020 tax savings can email[2] or call 833-FLY-CLUB.


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